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Germann Urs Earline

Urs Germann / Managing Director

Earline AG is the specialist for In Ear Monitoring headphones and promotional hearing protectors. Since 1998 Urs Germann has been working with In Ear headphones for musicians. At that time it was a Walkman headphone that was built on an ear cup to give the headphones a hold in the ear without them falling out again. Today, it is 3D manufactured ear cups with direct built-in driver technology. From a broadband speaker to 18 drivers per ear, and to a 5 way technology. A detailed sound with different sound characters include today's in-ear monitoring headphones.

In Ear Soundbar!

The second main pillar is the area of advertising hearing protection for events. Here, too, a lot of know-how has been invested in hearing protection technology since 2008. The goal was to achieve a high wearing comfort, so that despite hearing protection a concert can still be enjoyed. Today, the SaveRave hearing protection line is sold worldwide and used at many events. Here too, Earline AG is the specialist when it comes to combining advertising and hearing protection.



For over twenty years, company founder Urs Germann has been involved with in ear headphones for musicians. The custom-made 3D ear shells have up to 18 drivers per ear. Ear Monitoring headphones can be tested in the Earline AG showroom. The second business area includes promotional hearing protection for events.

In cooperation with carbon-connect AG, all CO2 emissions were recorded and the unavoidable emissions were offset via a climate protection project.

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