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In Ear headphones to enjoy music

Enjoying music in a new dimension with up to 21 speakers per ear.

64Audio A18s

Music lover headphones testing

Every headphone can be described one way or another. The forums are full of them, only these are opinions of different people who make their picture and define what is good and less good.

What is bass, how much should the bass be? Powerful, accompanying, demanding, conspicuous in the background? That can only be decided by testing the headphones. "Listen in and evaluate for yourself!

Then it is also decisive what music is played with what. The weakest link in the chain is the level of the final sound. So this is also a factor that must be included in the headphones. Otherwise, a top listener with high resolution can sound empty and dull.


Which is the right headphones

Book an appointment so you can find out for yourself what suits you and what sound image will take you to a new sphere.

If you choose a custom earpiece, we can take the ear impression and define the design right at the appointment.

A time window of 2 hours is sufficient to find the right in-ear headphones and test various ones.



What's different about these headphones than the consumer In Ears? The hardware has been developed for the live area. That means the listeners are heavily used and the electronics must be able to reproduce a wide sound spectrum up to raw data.

In addition, the cables can be replaced if broken or loose contact. Or if the clothes are light or dark, the cable can be replaced accordingly.

It is also possible to have these In Ear headphones repaired should any technical damage occur. Thus, the longevity over years of such a headphone is guaranteed.

If the data source is a challenge, we can help and provide a suitable solution to enjoy the full quality of the listener.