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In Ear Monitoring for Live Performance

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In Ear Monitoring for test listening

The In Ear Soundbar offers the sound experience for musiciansand music lovers. Equipped with about 60 different headphones from different suppliers. Each headphone is unique in its quality and sound experience. Just as each person hears, feels and senses individually, the demand on an In Ear headphone is also differentiated.

In order to be able to compare listeners with each other, high-resolution soundtracks are required. Several music players with Tidal sound are available for this purpose.

As an addition, an almost live sound can also be experienced via a mixing console. To make it even more authentic, you can sing along via an existing microphone.


Finding the right listener

To find the right In Ear headphones, they should be tested in the In Ear Soundbar. The ear impressions for these headphones are taken on site. 2 hours are reserved for each appointment, which is sufficient to find the right earpiece. Several people can be present when booking an appointment.


VIP Gallery

Stefan Schroff

I have been using Vision Ears for years, in many shows. The VE8 is the first in-ear headphone that makes me feel the punch of my cab. Unlike less frequency balanced headphones, the VE8 allows you to accurately judge your sound. The transient response is very fast and "in your face" without harsh highs that would tire the ear.

The soundstage is wide and the depth is excellent. There is enough room, even for complex IEM use with many different instruments.

Stefan Schroff

Christian Kyburz

Thank you very much for your fantastic advice and support. The hearing protectors fit perfectly and the inears are awesome. I can not put into words how happy and grateful I am.

Kyburz Christian

Marco Costa

The VE8 shows me very precisely how an instrument or a mix sounds. With its incredible mapping of rooms, it also gives the sound incredible depth. A real pleasure. For me, I can't imagine life without this speaker.

Marco Costa

Aunt Carmen

To give my audience the best performance, I have been working with In Ears for years. Also, I can only deliver the best sound of my voice if I can hear every detail of my music during the performance.

Carmen Lopes

Christian Vetsch

You need In Ears? Then you have to visit Urs German from Earline. He will take as much time as you need to introduce you to the world of In Ear Monitoring. It doesn't matter if you already have some or if you want to try it out for the first time. Together you'll find your perfect listener and you're guaranteed to start out happy and excited afterwards. I can only recommend it to everyone. Thank you Urs for your top service.

Vetsch Christian

Dome Marcello

The Vision Ears V8 is "sex for the ears" Absolutely linear sound. After two guitar chords, the wow effect was there. I knew then that I had to have the VE8. Thanks to Ralph Zünd and Urs German for the great advice.

Domenico Marcello


Spectacle wearers wear glasses - musicians wear InEars. With InEars, you can hear with pin-sharp clarity. Earline's advice always helps me to find the perfect product for me.


Simon Minor

Never again without! Especially the mid frequencies of distorted guitars are often so overloaded on stage that clarity was missing. The Fibae 7 Custom opened my ears.

Simon Minor

Dabu Fantastic

Thank you very much for the service and the In Ears. They are really unbelievably cool. I've used the VE8 Live for two weekends now and I'm flashed, that's exactly how it should be! Photo: Steve Wenger

Dabu Bucher

Edwin Sanz

I was very surprised by the quality of the sound. I heard things that my ear could not hear naturally. I love the quality of the sound and I am very happy to be able to work with Vision Ears.



Dive into my own world of sound! Simply ingenious! Never again without In Ear Monitoring!


Adrian Star

My VE8s from Vision Ears sound big and clear and transmit every detail with the accuracy of a studio monitor. Watch out, they'll turn you into an IE high-end mix snob!

Adrian Star

Ralph Zünd

For 15 years I have had the privilege of touring with high-quality In Ear systems in the rock & pop sector. If some important conditions are met, this is a dream come true for all involved (musicians & crew).

The step up from the solid VE2 to the linear VE8 from Vision Ears was so great that I can now even make real-time recording mixes in a loud environment, which are then released as a straight2tape Vinil pressing...

In addition, with Earline you can enjoy great, personal support.

"you guys rock"

Ralph Zünd


I had a gig with a VE4.2 replacement In Ear and it was worlds away from the aging VE2 listener. I felt so infinitely comfortable. I can't wait to hold my own VE4.2 Custom In Ear in my hands. Simply brilliant, and the advice from Earline was really top-notch. Now I have found the perfect In Ears for me.


Martin Kissling

The VE6 X2 InEars are a dream. The sound is direct and big, fat yet transparent, clear down to the smallest detail and very pleasant to listen to. And let's not forget: they sit absolutely perfectly in the ear.

Martin Kissling

Dave Kobrehel

For me as a drummer, in-ears are essential. With the VE in-ears I am perfectly equipped. I hear exactly what I want. Clear, defined, balanced and therefore have a perfect mix on my ears.


Dave Kobrehel Drummer

David Klier

I was finally able to try out the InEars after my stay abroad. They fit perfectly and sound just great. Thank you for this fantastic product.

David Klier


Thanks to Urs, I found the perfect headphones for the rehearsal room and the stage. Now I'm ready to conquer the music world ?


Jonas Wolf

Working and playing with the VE8 is an absolute game changer. Everything has its place in the mix which is especilally essential when dealing with a dense sound like we have with Eluveitie and my guitar sound is clear, bold and warm just how I like it. Thanks Urs Germann and Earline for the great support!

Jonas Wolf

Marc Amacher

I have never experienced anything like what the VE7 causes me. I am so comfortable making music with the IEM and listening to it when I am out and about. I have never heard anything so good and pleasant. Wonderful, I am really satisfied and happy.

Marc Amacjer

SaveRave Promo Hearing Protection

SaveRave MR10 & MR13 are promotional hearing protectors that can be produced in different colors, and partially printed. Different packaging completes the design to show up on the market accordingly.

A promotional gift that is perfect for events and sponsors can present their message.