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In Ear Monitoring for Live Performance

Musicians are cooks, we supply the ingredients. And these are branded goods.
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In Ear Monitoring for test listening

The In Ear Soundbar offers the sound experience for musiciansand music lovers. Equipped with about 60 different headphones from different suppliers. Each headphone is unique in its quality and sound experience. Just as each person hears, feels and senses individually, the demand on an In Ear headphone is also differentiated.

In order to be able to compare listeners with each other, high-resolution soundtracks are required. Several music players with Tidal sound are available for this purpose.

As an addition, an almost live sound can also be experienced via a mixing console. To make it even more authentic, you can sing along via an existing microphone.


Finding the right listener

To find the right In Ear headphones, they should be tested in the In Ear Soundbar. The ear impressions for these headphones are taken on site. 2 hours are reserved for each appointment, which is sufficient to find the right earpiece. Several people can be present when booking an appointment.

Roberto Carella

VIP Gallery

Aunt Carmen

To give my audience the best performance, I have been working with In Ears for years. Also, I can only deliver the best sound of my voice if I can hear every detail of my music during the performance.

Carmen Lopes


I was able to try out various headphones from different brands and price ranges on the soundbar. Without this direct comparison, I probably wouldn't have found the right model for me so quickly and easily, and I might have spent much more money than necessary.


Ralph Zünd

For 15 years I have had the privilege of touring with high-quality In Ear systems in the rock & pop sector. If some important conditions are met, this is a dream come true for all involved (musicians & crew).

The step up from the solid VE2 to the linear VE8 from Vision Ears was so great that I can now even make real-time recording mixes in a loud environment, which are then released as a straight2tape Vinil pressing...

In addition, with Earline you can enjoy great, personal support.

"you guys rock"

Ralph Zünd

Flavio Mezzodi

The attitude towards life of unconditional, passionate, earthy, pure and honest "ROCK'N-ROLL-SOUND" are the core values of quality and idealism! Another "listening dimension" is born "VISION EARS" for President! "BIG thanks goes to" Urs Germann for the supernatural positive support - GRAZIE!

Mezzodi Flavio

Christian Vetsch

You need In Ears? Then you have to visit Urs German from Earline. He will take as much time as you need to introduce you to the world of In Ear Monitoring. It doesn't matter if you already have some or if you want to try it out for the first time. Together you'll find your perfect listener and you're guaranteed to start out happy and excited afterwards. I can only recommend it to everyone. Thank you Urs for your top service.

Vetsch Christian

Dome Marcello

The Vision Ears V8 is "sex for the ears" Absolutely linear sound. After two guitar chords, the wow effect was there. I knew then that I had to have the VE8. Thanks to Ralph Zünd and Urs German for the great advice.

Domenico Marcello

David Klier

I was finally able to try out the InEars after my stay abroad. They fit perfectly and sound just great. Thank you for this fantastic product.

David Klier

Sam Himself

Although another brand was recommended to me at first, VE on the soundbar convinced me from the first sound.

Sam Himself

Simon Minor

Never again without! Especially the mid frequencies of distorted guitars are often so overloaded on stage that clarity was missing. The Fibae 7 Custom opened my ears.

Simon Minor

SaveRave Promo Hearing Protection

SaveRave MR10 & MR13 are promotional hearing protectors that can be produced in different colors, and partially printed. Different packaging completes the design to show up on the market accordingly.

A promotional gift that is perfect for events and sponsors can present their message.