VE8 Universal

The VE8 is a sonic all-rounder. It offers the space and the detailed fine-tuning makes it the star of the IEM world.

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Part number: 1001-108-1


CHF 2`250.00

The new standard, a universal in-ear with outstanding signature design and amazingly good fit for a non-custom earpiece. Thanks to our many years of experience as a custom manufacturer, we have designed a universal fit that fits almost any ear.

he listener's bass is powerful without exaggerating and extremely precise in its details. Exceptionally harmonious and natural mids give the sound a wonderful depth. The treble of the VE8 is crystal clear and detailed without becoming obtrusive. All of this is combined with outstanding spatial imaging. All in all, a listener with powerful, emotional sound and overwhelming precision and clarity.

The signature design of the VE 8 universal consists of a Green shell in combination with our new Northern Lights Faceplate. This stunning faceplate is a real eye-catcher, as the unique play of colors changes depending on the incidence of light.
The manufacturer of this patented material has developed the difficult manufacturing process over years and has already received two awards for its outstanding material design. A spectacular play of colors, which refines our legendary VE 8 worthy.

echnical configuration:
3-way system - 2 x bass, 2 x midrange, 4 x tweeter

Recommendation for musicians:
Drums - Bass - Vocals - Guitar

very wide stereo image, high resolution, very musical and balanced sound image