The SH-2 Custom IEMs are our entry-level product. They are designed with a sound signature that is suitable for most applications. They are pleasant to listen to with warm lows, present mids and detailed highs. More info...
Item number: 1009-001


CHF 920.00

They can be used for singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, etc. Due to a relatively high impedance, the SH-2 offers a decent SPL, but is not a very loud IEM.

Dual Driver

The price is made up as follows:

The price is made up as follows:
Handset only: CHF 735.90 excl. VAT
The other costs include the following:
55.50 excl. VAT for the ear impression and digitization, the remaining costs include the use of the soundbar, the import and the statutory VAT.

Special faceplate CHF 200.00
Artwork CHF 140.00