Nair RE


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Part number: 1013-001-RE


Nair from Gaudio is the ideal reference speaker with clear mids and highs.

This is our interpretation of a reference tuning type for professional mixing and mastering or for the most demanding audiophiles. The sound consists of extended, linear and detailed bass with slightly increased mids to treble for better articulation, separation and detail. The result is an earphone that is transparent and faithful to the original, and works remarkably well as a high-level all-rounder or precise studio tool.


  • 3 precision Balanced Armature Drivers (Low/Mid/High)
  • 3 way system proprietary crossover
  • Impedance @1kHz = 26ohm
  • Up to 25dB Noise Isolation
  • 118dB SPL/mW

Premium Advanced, Swiss developed titanium based black anodized coating, 2x harder than standard coatings, 5x harder than uncoated alloys. A plain light gray color with black logo on the insert to convey the neutral, studio-like character of NAIR.

High quality aluminum alloy body milled from solid metal block by CNC milling machine. Stainless steel nozzle made from solid metal bar with automatic lathe, polished satin effect for a unique look. These materials have excellent mechanical properties for durable, robust high-end earphones that are second to none.