The N8 is one of the first IEMs developed in collaboration with legendary bassist and producer Nathan East. More info....

Item number: 1010-004


CHF 1`950.00

This hybrid in-ear monitor offers unique textures and a rich, soulful sound. Its powerful lows and deep, airy sub-basses define the sound signature and make it a favourite with multi-instrumentalists, audiophiles, engineers and, of course, bassists.

Custom means adapted to the ear. The best fitting position in the ear can only be achieved with a custom ear fitting. Nothing is more comfortable to wear than a custom fit. However, this is also decisive for the sound quality of the listener. In order to reproduce the bass as defined by the manufacturer, it is imperative that the earpiece has a maximum seal in the ear canal.

Eight precisely balanced drivers
1 tia high | 1 hi-mid | 6 mid | 1 DD bass
10 Hz - 20 kHz
6 Ohm@1kHz
-15dB w/ m15 module, M20 Module

The price is made up as follows:
Handset only: CHF 1704.15 excl. tax
The other costs include the following:
55.50 excl. VAT for the ear impression and digitization, the remaining costs include the use of the soundbar, the import and the statutory VAT.

- Glitter CHF 50.00
- Wood CHF 150.00
- Special CHF 150.00
- Premium CFH 250.00
- Artwork CHF 150.00

Ambiente Filter
- 1 pair à CHF 99.00