LivePro 5

Five perfectly matched drivers per ear in our LivePro 5 provide incredibly wide frequency reproduction with rich bass, powerful mids and crisp highs. More info...

Item number: 1003-005


CHF 1`750.00

At the same time, the LP5 remains neutral and gives every musician perfect control on stage and in the studio. Due to the richness of detail gained, the LivePro 5 makes you absolutely addicted to listening.

  • System 3-way system with 5 drivers per ear
  • 10Hz - 20,000 Hz Transmission range
  • 120 dB output sound pressure
  • 13 Ohm
  • 140 cm cable length

The price is made up as follows:
Handset only: CHF 1453.60 excl. tax
The other costs include the following:
55.50 excl. VAT for the ear impression and digitization, the remaining costs include the use of the soundbar, the import and the statutory VAT.

Ambiente System Fixer Filter 22dB: CHF 100.00
Pictures Printing: CHF 100.00
Inital Printing: CHF 50.00